For teachers

This website includes material that can be made use of when designing the local language profile. The content and structure of the language profile are decided on locally.

The language profile may consist of four interrelated parts:

  1. a description of language skills 
  2. a description of language learning skills and language learning strategies 
  3. demonstrations of language proficiency 
  4. certificates (e.g. certificate of oral skills). 

The language profile can be plurilingual, representing the student’s multifaceted language repertoire.

In short

The Language Profile in a nutshell

The language profile is a tool students can use to display and monitor the development of their language skills and language learning skills. Students compile their language profile at the beginning of their studies. They can revisit their reflections and reassess their skills during the course of their studies, and are obligated to do so in module ENA6/FINA6/VKA6/RUB15/FIB15.

The student prepares a language CV as part of their language profile. A language CV is a summary of the student’s skills in different languages and their international competence.

This learning material is designed to address the student, so the assignments can be used as they are. They can also be revised or further developed.

Who is responsible for compiling the language profile with the students? For example, is it organised in modules ENA1 or FINA1 in all schools?

This is decided upon locally. The student draws up a language profile in the first study unit.

In which modules, other than ENA1 or FINA1, is the language profile used in?

In Language modules 1 and 6 (FINA5) and Language modules 1 and 5 (FINB14). However, we encourage the inclusion of a language profile as part of each course.

What is the Language CV and when is that created?

The Language CV is a compilation of a student’s knowledge of different languages. It can be compiled at any stage of general upper secondary studies.

Which modules include Language Profile tasks and in which module should the Language CV be compiled?

This is decided locally. The language profile is at minimum discussed in modules 1 and 6 of A level languages (in A-Finnish, module FINA5) and in modules 1 and 5 of B languages (in B-Finnish, module FINB14). However, we encourage the inclusion of a language profile as part of each study unit.
It is good to attach evidence of competence to your language CV. ‘Samples’ can be collected at any stage of general upper secondary studies.