This website is a draft version of the support material prepared by the Finnish National Agency for Education for the language profile. The methods and content of the language profile are decided locally. The support material published by the Finnish National Agency for Education can be used as needed. A language profile can consist of four interrelated packages: 

  1. mapping of language skills 
  2. mapping of language learning skills and language learning strategies; 
  3. samples of your own language skills 
  4. certificates, language CV (e.g. oral examination). 

This website presents the tasks outlined during the spring of 2020 with language profile support material. The aim is that the language profile can be supplemented in several languages.

What is a language profile?

Video about the background of the language profile:

Language profile background

Watch a short demo video of your language profile:

Brief introductory video of the language profile

The language profile is a student's sample portfolio, consisting of the student's own experiences, objectives, as well as own and share reflection between the students, which enable the student to present their own skills and objectives in a broad and personal way. The language profile will start at the beginning of the studies and the various aspects of the language profile will be re-completed at different stages of the studies. 

The students prepare a language CV as part of their language profile. The language CV is a summary of the student's skills in different languages and in their language studies.

This support material can be used in particular for the 1ST language. Module. The support material has been prepared to address the student, so the assignments can be used as such. They can also be pieced out or further developed according to your needs. It is a good idea to return to the same positions at different stages of studies.