Language CV

Language CV is a summary of the skills of different languages

Objectives of the language CV

The aim of the Language CV is to support your ability to express your extensive language skills through concrete language usage situations and environments. In addition, your language CV will guide you to consider how you present your cultural skills and your extensive knowledge in language studies.

This page contains a variety of ways to introduce your own language skills.

Examples for the CV

You are free to use the examples for various purposes.

It is a good idea to describe your language skills according to the situation. What types of situations and purposes can you use languages for?

You can also view your skills by language. What's important is that the reader immediately gets an overview of your skills.

You can also follow the development of your own language skills by drawing up different descriptions. Click here to download an Excel template to make yourself an image of your language skills.

Examples of language skills

Characterisation of language skills

Cultural competence

Extensive expertise

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