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Language profile

Working with your language profile helps you to reflect your language learning and experiences, and what you are like as a language learner now and after general upper secondary school.


1) Language skills, 2) language, culture and internationality, 3) language learning skills and 4) transversal competence


Example tasks, language samples from Finland and the world.


Tools for self-assessment of language skills and language learning skills, as well as examples of possible methods of compiling a language CV.

What’s the language profile all about?

Students create their language profile as a part of the general upper secondary language studies. The purpose of the language profile is to support your growth as a language learner and a language user.

This is done by exploring:

  • What your language skills consist of
  • What your linguistic and cultural identity consists of
  • What language skills and communication skills are
  • How you learn languages
  • How you can use various language skills after general upper secondary

The before mentioned themes are reflected in the site’s tasks. The tasks are divided under three sections that give a background for reflection. Additionally, there is other supporting material on the site. The tasks can be done independently, in pairs or in groups.

Compiling the language profile

Ask your teach where to upload the language profile, and in other words, completed tasks. Platforms can be for example, Google Classroom, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft 365, different blog platforms,and social media accounts.

This page is one example of how to compile a language profile. You can personalize the language profile and add attachments to it, such as images and recordings.