19. Multilingual video application

Find a job vacancy online and prepare a mock video application in which you present yourself and your skills in several languages. Start the video in the language the job advertisement is written in. Remember to also mention your home language(s) and your cultural competences. For teachers: The task can be used as a demonstrationContinue reading “19. Multilingual video application”

18. Internationality in further studies and working life

Take out the inventory you made of your language skills in the task called “My language repertoire” and “23. My cultural competences“. Diverse language skills predict stronger interpersonal skills and the ability to work with different people. How do your language skills relate to your working life skills? Consider how your cultural competence links toContinue reading “18. Internationality in further studies and working life”

23. My cultural competences

For comparison, take a look at the inventory you made of your language skills in task “2. My language repertoire”. What cultures are you familiar with? Which cultures do you identify with? What do the cultures you have listed have in common? Name and describe some customs, culinary traditions, or other prominent features of theseContinue reading “23. My cultural competences”

43. Language and culture outside school

What things do you do outside school that relate to languages or cultures? Could you make use of the skills you learn outside school also in your studies at school? Do you have any out-of-school interests that involve languages and cultures but where language learning is not the main focus of learning? These include freeContinue reading “43. Language and culture outside school”