31. International and multicultural NGOs

This task can be done individually, in pairs, or in groups.

Internationalism and human rights go hand in hand. One way to promote international and ethical conduct is to work through different third sector organisations. By getting involved in, for example, community organisations or non-governmental organisations (NGOs), you can gainwork experience that can prove useful when finding your own direction in life.

  1. Find out more about different organisations operating in Finland and abroad.
  2. Think about your values and what is important to you. What are the issues that you would like to make an impact on, and does this affect the type of organisation you would like to be involved in? You can also take a critical look at how organisations operate.
  3. Consider whether any of the organisations you got to know spiked your interest. Would you like to take part in the organisation? In what role would your skills be useful or what would you like to learn by getting involved?

If you are working in pairs, discuss the ideas that come up or introduce the organisations you have chosen to each other.

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