23. My cultural competences

For comparison, take a look at the inventory you made of your language skills in task “2. My language repertoire”.

  1. What cultures are you familiar with? Which cultures do you identify with?
  2. What do the cultures you have listed have in common?
  3. Name and describe some customs, culinary traditions, or other prominent features of these cultures.
  4. In terms of cultural appropriateness, what features of communication do you associate with the cultures you listed? Consider, for example, the use of form of address, gestures, and physical proximity in interaction.
  5. What social features might be associated with them? Consider, for example, the importance of family and kinship, or the use of gendered language.
  6. What values could be associated with the cultures you listed (e.g., equality and equity in the Nordic countries, the pursuit of happiness and entrepreneurship in the United States)?
  7. Once all the members of your group have gone over the questions above, continue the discussion in groups. What was similar? What was different?

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