15. Describing language skills

Take out the inventory you made of your language skills in task 2. “My language repertoire“. Familiarize yourself with the table below.

  1. For each language you have knowledge of, fill in a verbal description of your skills in the table below.
  2. Fill in your proficiency level in each language according to the Evolving Language Proficiency Scale (in Finnish, see ePerusteet).
  3. Set yourself some goals: what skills would you like to improve?
  4. Complete the table as you progress in general upper secondary school and add links to demonstrations of your skills in each language. At the end of your studies, place the last column in your Language CV.

Language1st year2nd year3rd year3rd year spring
Add this column to your language CV!
Home language(s)Insert here a description of your skills (verbal and CEFR level. Insert a goal, as well: What skills would you like to improve?Verbal description;
Proficiency level
School languages
A language
B language
Insert additional languages