2. All my language skills


  1. All the languages and dialects you use with your family or relatives.
  2. Languages you studied at school. Remember to mention any language clubs, short courses and language showers, including at nursery, primary and secondary school. In which language did you go to school?
  3. Languages heard and used in your hobbies and leisure time. For example, what language skills do you have among your friends?
  4. Other languages in your language world, i.e. the languages of your community. What languages are spoken in your school? Also consider dialects and registers*.
  5. Finally, your wishes: What languages would you like to know more of? Which new languages would you like to start learning? What would you like to do in different languages?

*Final question: what have you learned about dialects and registers in your mother tongue and literature or S2/SV2 lessons?

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