1. A letter to your future self

Write a letter to your future self at the beginning of your studies. What sort of expectations do you have for yourself during general upper secondary school? What sort of goals could you set for yourself? How will you benefit from your language skills during your studies and after general upper secondary school? Include the following in your letter:

Describe your language skills and the contexts or situations in which you use them

  • First, list your home languages and the languages ​​you have learned in and outside of school.
  • In your letter, describe the following
    • Which languages do ​​you have knowledge of? (Be sure to also describe your knowledge of your home languages ​​and their dialects.)
    • In which situations and with whom do you use each language?
    • Think also in more general terms. For example, in which languages ​​do you like to read or listen to music?

Describe your learning strategies and experiences with language learning

  • What kind of language learner are you? Describe how and where you learn languages ​​best.

Keep the letter you wrote, as you will return to it at the end of your studies.

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