Language profile

Language profile

Around the earth floats text: Further studies, working life, internationalisation, and everyday life and communities.

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Working on a language profile will help you reflect on the impact of your language learning story and experience on how you are as a language learner now, and after general upper secondary. This site is an example of one way to build a language profile.

1. Language skills
2. Language, culture and internationalisation
3. Language learning skills

Example assignments, language samples and other supporting material.

Examples of ways to create a language resume.

What is the language profile?

All students create a Language profile as part of their general upper secondary school studies. Its purpose is to support your growth as a language learner and language user.

This site will guide you to reflect on:

  • what your language skills consist of
  • what your linguistic and cultural identity consists of
  • what we mean by language skills and interaction skills are
  • how languages can be learned
  • how various language skills can be made use of after general upper secondary school.

You will explore these themes from different perspectives by reflecting on diverse tasks and related materials. Your reflections will function as the core of your of Language profile. Tasks can be completed independently, in pairs, or in groups.

The website includes videos and links to support diverse language learning both at www. and

The language self depicts the knowledge and skills you will acquire during general upper secondary school.

Creating your language profile

Your teacher will tell you where you should create your language profile. Suitable platforms include, for example, Google Classroom, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft 365, as well as blogs and social media platforms.

You can personalize your language profile according to your own preferences and add attachments, images, videos, and audio files to demonstrate your language skills.